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The company realized wholesale comerce of packing products for package products of nutrition, cosmetic production, pharmaceutical production, domestic chemistry and other.

Kinds of package production:

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February of 2005 - started production of three types of products in polypropylene glasses...

September of 2004 - output is transferred under a trade mark "ZOTOV"...

April of 2004 - started production in aluminums tubes

November of 2003 - started production

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April of 2003 - Kiev
March of 2003 - Kiev
September of 2002 - Kiev
April of 2002 - Kiev
March of 2002 - Kiev
November of 2001 - Kiev
June of 2001 - Moscow
April of 2001 - Kiev
March of 2001 - Kiev


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February of 2006 - The degustation competition " The Best product - 2006 " in the frame of XIII International exhibition "Prod-ekspo 2006".
October of 2005 - The degustation contest in the frame of XVIII Specialized exhibition-fairy of production of the food enterprises "Products of Ukraine 2005".
February of 2005 - XVII International competition "AGRO 2005".
June of 2005 - XVII International competition "AGRO 2005".
January of 2005 - International competition "The best product 2005".

January of 2005 - Competition Milk Success on an III International forum "Milk industry 2005".


    The name of package productionThe branche of useThe way of infliction of printing
1Aluminium tubes (Al) with plastic caps (PE)
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Is used for package such products:
1. nutririon;
2. pharmaceutical;
3. cosmetic;
4. chemical.
Dry offset (white emal + 4 colours)
2Cardboard tubes with metal frame
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Is used for package:
1. loose nutrition products (spices, salt);
2. for package sauvenir production.
Offset varicolored
3Pellicle (onelayer, manylayer) that are manufactured from those matirials PE, PP, PA, PS, PET and other; Laminates (manylayers matirials and other).
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Is used for packing:
1.nutrition products (milk, mayonnaise, loose nutrition products and other);
2.domestic chemistry (washing means, paste powder);
3.for packing hygiene products.
Flexo-printing (about 6 colours);
Roto-printing (about 8 colours) for laminates
4Plastic bottles, jars, vials , that are consist of PE/PP, PET/PVH and other.
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Is used for packing:
1. pharmaceutical pro-ducts (creams, greases, solution);
2. cosmetic products (creams, gels, shampoo and other);
3. chemical products (car cosmetic, means for figh-ting with insects);
4. domestic chemistry (washing and cleaning means).
5Spools (cartridge) plastic (material HDPE) with inside pistons (material HDPE/LLDPE) and applicators (material HDPE)
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Is used for packing:
1. chemical products;
2. building chemistry (vacuum, silicons, greasing for car and other).
Sitodruk (about 4 colours)

All production that is proposed is comfirm by europe quality certificates and with conclusion of sanitation-epidemic expertise of Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine. For this package production as aluminium tubes, we have recorded attestation of Ministry of Health Care of Russian Federation and corespondence certificate of Gosstandard of Russia. On such package products as, plastic bottles, jars, we have correspondence certificate of Gosstandard of Russia.

Production of all package production is realized in correspondence with system of quality EN ISO 9001: 2000 and accordingly with standard of Military Standard 105E, General Inspection Level II.

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About the company Package Foodstuff Zotov TM Designer's services Contacts