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Commercial mark "Zotov" propose products of condenced milk in assortment, that are packing for 65g in aluminium tubes, and also milk creams and condesed boil milk "Iriska", that are packing for 170g in plastic glasses.

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February of 2005 - started production of three types of products in polypropylene glasses...

September of 2004 - output is transferred under a trade mark "ZOTOV"...

April of 2004 - started production in aluminums tubes

November of 2003 - started production

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April of 2003 - Kiev
March of 2003 - Kiev
September of 2002 - Kiev
April of 2002 - Kiev
March of 2002 - Kiev
November of 2001 - Kiev
June of 2001 - Moscow
April of 2001 - Kiev
March of 2001 - Kiev


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February of 2006 - The degustation competition " The Best product - 2006 " in the frame of XIII International exhibition "Prod-ekspo 2006".
October of 2005 - The degustation contest in the frame of XVIII Specialized exhibition-fairy of production of the food enterprises "Products of Ukraine 2005".
February of 2005 - XVII International competition "AGRO 2005".
June of 2005 - XVII International competition "AGRO 2005".
January of 2005 - International competition "The best product 2005".

January of 2005 - Competition Milk Success on an III International forum "Milk industry 2005".


Condensed milk in tubes - it's something new on the ukrainian market. Also as other products of nutrition in tubes (mustard, jam) - it's new successful proposition on the ukrainian market, it's original product on the stall, that defiant interest of buyers. This package has recomended itselfs from the best side in Europe.

Tube is attract attention of children and adults because of it colourful figuration and it very comfortable in use. Aluminium tube - it's vacuum packet that allow to save product about 12 months.

It's very comfortable in use. If you want open the tube you don't need tin opener. Corps is made from soft aluminium, that can allow to press out the product untill last drop. After disclosing of protect membrane of the tube, milk doesn't get dry up, because neck of the tube is closed by cap. Tubes with wide cylindrical caps are stable in vertical position, that can allow to locate it comfortable on the stalls of markets.

Products in tubes are comfortable in different conditions:

  • When you are in trip (in train, car, aitplane);
  • on the nature (on the beach, in the wood, in the mountains);
  • on the camping;
  • at the summer or winter camps;
  • on the weekend;
  • at home;
  • at work.

Milk creams and condensed boil milk "Iriska" that are packed in plastic glasses - it's the first of all very comfortable.

Glasses are soldered by lid from aluminium folia (that provide im permeability of product in package) and additionally covered by transparent plastic lids. More by token, black colour of material (polypropilen) from what glass is consist, give additional protection of products from penetration of sunshine.

When you take off aluminium lid and you don't want to take this product to another dish, you can use creams from those special glasses. If there is the rest of cream in the glass, you can cover it by transparent plastic lid, that is present in comlect.

One more plus of our condensed milk creams in plastic glasses - it's it outside look of package. Good line up form of package and it's complete set, original solution of artistic design - it's all doing our creams unique on the stalls of the markets.

For selling it on the territory of Ukraine we have such documents for all assortment of our production:

  • certificate the answeraccording to system UKRSEPRO - certified copy;
  • conclusion of sanitation-epidemic expertise MHC of Ukraine - copy.

For selling on the territory of Russia we have such documents for products of condenced milk in alluminium tubes (5 kinds in assortment):

  • certificate according to system GOST R Gosstandard of Russia (on every kind of production) - certified copy;
  • conclusion of sanitation-epidemic expertise of Ministry of Health Care of Russia Federation - copy.

Additional information about production of our company and conditions of it's using, you can get, if you fill in fields of form. Our specialists will conect with you and will give answers for your questions.

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